Begone Email (in progress)

Begone Email (in progress)

This is an ad-hoc temporary email service.

This is a work-in-progress. Built using React on the front end and with Node.Js express server on the back end. The database is built in MongoDB using Mongoose as an ORM

Learning Goals for this project

  1. Mongodb
  2. Mongoose
  3. Docker
  4. Add patreon Level capabilities using their API - Post MVP


  • Receive emails
  • Prevent open relay by limiting emails received to specified domains
  • Deployed to a virtual private server.
  • Basic home/landing page
  • Users can specify a mailbox to check
  • Users can specify the domain of the mailbox
  • Emails can be viewed for a specified mailbox-domain combo
  • Read indicator
  • Email can be viewed
  • Emails deleted at a specified interval
  • Can specify after how long an email is stale and ready for cleanup
  • Create a production docker
  • Create a development docker

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