About Me

Hi, I’m Aaron a software engineer with experience in JavaScript, React, Ruby on Rails and Node.js. I also have a background in systems administration. From a child as early as 5th grade I have always demonstrated a love for all things computer related. I began repairing computers for my friends starting in 7th grade.

My journey to where I am today began in High School where I learned Visual Basic 5 in 10th-grade computer class. In 12th grade, I was given the opportunity to take and pass the Computer Science AP course. In college, I continued to take computer-related courses. After college, I went out to acquire industry certifications in Microsoft operating systems. From there I landed the job that I held for 15 years.

Today I’m continuing my journey, leaving systems administration behind and moving forward having expanded my horizons with more tools recently while attending App Academy. I am looking forward to joining a firm where I can roll up my sleeves and get cracking on making the firm a better one.

Here are just some of the technologies I am familiar with: